7 Misunderstood Things About VPN That New VPN Users Must Be Aware Of

There are still lots of things that many people, especially those who know nothing about VPN, might misunderstood about virtual private network. In turn, this misunderstanding gives doubt to those people from installing the private connection software into their device. People that don’t understand about VPN will usually use the internet as usual, only that they are not aware of the method to bypass the government restrictions, stop the web activity monitoring, access region-protected content, and so on.

If you are new about VPN, don’t let these misunderstandings prevent you from using the VPN software to your advantage. When used properly, the private connection can be used to protect your online activity from various threats, as well as stop any type of third-party monitoring during your browsing sessions. Here are 7 misunderstood things about VPN that new VPN users must be aware of:

1. I Don’t Need VPN Because The Government Is Good

In many ways, governments will try to protect their citizens, and they will try to keep the stability within their countries. So, it might be true that the government is good, and they mean well when it comes to taking care of their citizens. But, when it comes to your personal online activity, the government shouldn’t be allowed to do what they like by invading your privacy. You don’t want the government to monitor every little thing that you do online, and you want to keep everything private to you. So, yes, you need VPN because you want to stay private and anonymous online, free from the government’s interference toward your privacy.

2. My Antivirus Is Enough To Prevent Hackers From Stealing My Data

In many ways, antivirus software can help protect your devices from various threats, including malware, adware, spyware, and the like. However, when it comes to hackers, you want to be completely sure that they cannot follow your online trace whatsoever. Antivirus software that doesn’t include any good firewall feature will not be good enough to protect you from hackers. Also, many people are using free antivirus software, which provides only a minimal protection for their devices. VPN is needed not only to keep your browsing activity private, but also to make it almost impossible for hackers to trace your online activity and steal your data.

3. VPN Is Similar To ISP

Virtual private network is not the same as internet service provider, and it doesn’t provide you with internet bandwidth. When a VPN service says that they give you maximum speed with unlimited bandwidth, it means that they will use your internet connection at full speed, without any limitation on the amount of data that you can transfer via the private network. It means that when you use the VPN to access region-protected content, you can enjoy the content without any slowdown in speed, and you can stream as much content as you want. So, you still need to subscribe to an internet service provider in order to be able to use VPN.

4. VPN Can Double My Internet Speed

VPN is not a kind of an internet speed booster software, where you can double the internet connection speed by simply using the VPN software. The internet speed is determined by your ISP plan, and the VPN will simply use the available speed with as little interference as possible. If you subscribe to an internet plan that has a fast download speed, then the VPN will use all the available speed for your private browsing. However, be aware that there are VPN services that throttle your internet speed, meaning that it will slow down your browsing speed if you use their virtual network. So, be sure to choose the VPN service that offers full speed to avoid any slowdown in your internet browsing activity.

5. VPN Will Log My Data

Some VPN providers will log your data, but not in the same way your government or ISP will log your data. The VPN providers that choose to log user’s data usually do that for the sake of user experience improvement later on, and not for the purpose of monitoring or identifying you personally. They will also keep your data private and secure, and they will not sell the data to third-party corporations that want to profit from it. However, it is always better for you to choose the VPN provider that doesn’t log any of your browsing data.

6. VPN Is An Untrustworthy Third-Party Service

Some VPN providers are indeed untrustworthy. They are offering free private connection for their users, and in so doing, they will steal their user’s data and do other malicious things. That’s why it is important for you to stay away from free or shady VPN services, since many of them are fake and dangerous. But, overall, if you choose the right VPN service, it will help to keep your browsing data private and anonymous, as well as give you the full internet freedom without any restriction.

7. I Don’t Need To Pay For VPN

No, you have to pay for your VPN connection. Why? That’s because if you need a real protection for your online activity, including shopping, banking, and regular browsing activity, you have to be willing to invest in a real trustworthy VPN service that can provide you with such protection. Don’t pick the free VPN services because there will always be a catch for using such services, and the catch will usually not be beneficial for you. So, be aware of that.

Those are the 7 misunderstood things about VPN that new VPN users must be aware of. When done right, a VPN can help you to keep your important data secure from malicious online threats. So, be sure to learn more about VPN from a trusted source, so that you will get trusted information about this service, not just rumors that can create lots of misunderstandings about it.