7 Easy Tips To Use VPN For Your Business

The virtual private network connection doesn’t only provide online security and protection for individuals, but also for businesses as well. In fact, businesses need to use VPN even more than the individuals, since there are lots of sensitive data that they need to protect all the time, such as transaction data, customers’ data, digital assets, and so on. With the occurrences of data breach in some big corporations, it is enough reason for businesses, especially small businesses, to take the necessary measures to protect their data even more.

If your business haven’t implemented the VPN technology yet, it is a good idea for you to start considering about it, and take a look at the advantages of installing the private network system for your business. Here are 7 easy tips to use VPN for your business:

1. Choose The Provider That Can Handle Business Installation

Not all virtual private network providers can handle business installation of their VPN service, since most of them focus on individual use. However, some good private network providers might offer special packages for business users, which include the installation of their private network system for your company. Since business installation is not as simple as installing software for personal use, it needs careful planning, and sometimes, special hardware to make the private connection running in your office. Try looking for local VPN providers, since they can usually provide on-site installation service for their private network.

2. Make Sure The VPN Can Protect All Important Data Transmissions

Since your goal is to protect your sensitive data transmissions, make sure that the service can secure all the important data transmissions in your business. You might not need to install the VPN in the whole office, but at least you can protect the important data transmissions in your business, especially when it comes to protecting your customer’s data. You can use the regular network connection for the common internet activity that doesn’t require any kind of added security or privacy protection.

3. Choose The VPN That Has More Added Security

Remember that the cheaper the private network service, the less security features that you get. So, before choosing any private connection for your business, make sure that there is a balance between the value that you get and the price that you pay. Don’t pick just any VPN service. Choose the one that has more added security, such as the one that uses multiple security protocols for your private connection. If it only offers PPTP, for instance, you should look at the alternatives that can offer more added security features.

4. Hardware-based VPN Is Better For Your Company

It is recommended for you to work with the local VPN service provider first and foremost, since you can discuss your needs with them by visiting their office directly. And also, they can usually provide you with on-site installation service, which should give you more convenience when it comes to using the service for long-term. A hardware-based VPN can usually be offered for your company if the service provider’s location is not far from your office location. This is the type of service that you should seek, since hardware-based private network is significantly more reliable and secure than the software-based services.

5. Don’t Forget The Security Best Practices

Once you’ve installed the VPN for your business network, all your network connections will be encrypted and secured. The privacy of your business data will also be secured, preventing any unauthorized third parties from accessing your data without your permission. However, even though your network connection is already secured, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget the security best practices in your business. You have to teach your employees to keep implementing the security best practices in all of their business dealings that involve your company. For instance, keeping all important files passwords-protected, logging out after accessing the business portal, changing their passwords regularly, and so on.

6. Ask The Employees To Use The Company’s Private Network

Whenever they go, you should ask your employees to use the company’s VPN connection when they are doing business dealings for your company. This is important, since they can keep their connection private and keep all data transmissions encrypted all the time. This is especially true if you assign your employees to another country, which has strict internet rules. By using the company’s private network, your employees can work on their tasks without having to deal with the restrictive internet laws.

7. Add Firewall To Your VPN

Don’t forget to add firewall security to your VPN by asking your service provider to add this security feature. By adding a firewall to your company network, you can protect your digital assets from any hacker attacks, in addition to the encrypted data transmission that the private network connection can provide. If the service provider doesn’t have this security feature, then you need to add firewall and antivirus software from another security company and install it on each device in your company.

Those are the 7 easy tips to use VPN for your business. Remember that your business needs VPN to ensure that your sensitive business information will always be safe. Businesses need VPN even more than individuals, since businesses are dealing with sensitive information all the time, as well as financial transactions, which require the customer’s private data for each transaction. This is why your company needs to have VPN on-board to keep everything secure and protected.