7 Benefits That You Get When You Mask Your Real IP Address

Why masking your real IP address becomes so important right now? That’s because when you browse the web with your real IP address, other people can easily monitor your browsing activity. The government, your ISP, corporations, and other third parties might know your browsing history and determine your browsing habit from that data. Not only that, by exposing your real IP address, it means that you are exposing your real identity online. People will know where you live, what’s your name, and other information that might otherwise be private for you.

This is why more and more people are using VPN to hide their identity while they are online. They use the virtual private network to mask and hide their IP address from any third parties that shouldn’t have the information about your online identity in the first place. Here are 7 benefits that you get when you mask your real IP address:

1. You Are Browsing The Internet Anonymously

What does it mean when you are browsing the internet anonymously? It means that nobody knows your real identity online because you are using a different IP address. If you were using the real IP address, people can track your IP address and know your real location. But, since you mask your IP with the private IP address, you are showing your private IP instead of your real IP. It means that you will browse the internet privately and securely.

2. You Are Safe From Third-party Trackers

It becomes a common occurrence for websites or third parties to track your online identity in order to identify you. This is done for various purposes, such as for the sake of advertising, saving your progress, learning your browsing habit, and so on. In short, these trackers usually track your browsing activity without your authorization, since it has become a kind of standard procedure for many websites to do the tracking process for each visitor. When you mask your IP, you are safe from these trackers.

3. Nobody Can Monitor Your Online Activity

Whether it is your government or your ISP, your network traffic will be fully encrypted when you mask your IP address. It means that they cannot monitor your online activity, and you will be completely go under their radar. In the world where online surveillance system is becoming more common nowadays, you will be able to prevent any third parties that don’t have your permission from monitoring any of your online activity.

4. You Can Access Blocked Or Censored Websites

If you live in certain countries where the internet laws are very strict, you will not be able to enjoy the internet like the users that are living in other countries. This is because many websites are being blocked and censored for whatever reasons. The government is taking the full control of what websites you can visit and what websites you cannot visit. By masking your IP address, it is very easy for you to access blocked or censored websites.

5. Nobody Can Take A Peek On Your Data Transmission

What files did you send today? What topics that you wrote for your emails today? What kind of data that you transfer today? What websites did you visit today? Without any protection for your internet network, other people might be able to see your data transmissions. Skilled hackers can easily penetrate your connection and silently intercept your online communication. However, when you protect and mask your IP address, you can prevent it from happening.

6. No Website Can Log Your Activity

Did you know that most websites that you visit today are logging your browsing activity without your permission? Of course, technically, they’ve said it in their terms and conditions. But, they won’t tell you straight away that they are logging your activity. Some free VPN providers will often do the same. They are logging your activity for the reasons that are sometimes unnecessary. By hiding your IP address there is no website that can log your activity since you are going completely anonymous with those websites.

7. You Don’t Expose Your Real Identity Online

Your real IP address holds lots of information, which if you carelessly give away such information, unscrupulous people can take benefits from it. For instance, it holds the information about your real location, especially on your mobile device, when your IP address is connected to your GPS system to determine your current location. Sometimes, IP address can also tell so much about your real identity and private information, which hackers can exploit anytime they feel like to do it. So, by masking your IP address, you will prevent your device from exposing your real identity online, which will help keep your online activity safe and secure, as well as prevent various types of cyber crimes.

Those are the 7 benefits that you get when you mask your real IP address. If you haven’t done so, then you are still risking your online security and privacy and exposing it to various possible online threats. By hiding your real identity online, it gives you a lot of ways to explore the internet safely and securely, while keeping it private and anonymous for you.