5 Urgent Reasons To Join Tor With VPN – The Perfect Combination

For most people, they will use the mainstream browsers to access various websites, which are the browsers that are the most popular today. These browsers include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera. Not many people know about the browser called Tor, which is a browser focused on protecting the user’s privacy and security. Nowadays, Tor is used mainly to access the dark web, but at its core, it’s just a regular browser like the rest of the browsers available on the market today.

Many people often associate Tor with the dark web which gives this browser a bad image. However, when it is used as a regular browser like Firefox or Chrome, you will know that this browser packs various advantages that are not available in the mainstream browsers that most people are using. This is especially true if you combine Tor with a good VPN connection. Here are the 5 urgent reasons to join Tor with VPN:

1. Tor Has Multiple Layers Of Private Connection

The Tor network actually hides your IP address multiple layers deep. So, when you are accessing the internet using the Tor browser, you will hide your IP address using multiple private servers that are owned by this network. In other words, this private browser has its own private connection that is very strong to cover your tracks online. That’s why this browser has been abused by hackers and other malicious people to cover their tracks when they perform various cyber crimes.

However, Tor is intended to be used by regular users who want to get their online privacy protected. Coupled with a VPN connection, your network connection will be truly protected, and you can ensure that all online activities are privately hidden from any third parties.

2. You Can Go Completely Anonymous Online

When you use only a VPN connection, there is still a chance that your private 3wwwwecf3wconnection will drop off and you will accidentally expose your real IP address. Thus, occasionally, you might go into a complete private mode into public mode just because of an error in your VPN connection. This will not happen when you couple your VPN connection with the Tor browser.

As the private browser itself has the multi-layer private connection to keep your track hidden online, you will still be able to cover your real identity when browsing using Tor. Even though your private connection is off due to an error, the Tor browser will continue to provide the additional private connection for you.

3. VPN Will Give You The Needed Speed Boost For Tor

Because of its multi-layer private connection that hides your real information with multiple private servers, Tor is known to be quite slow when it comes to browsing speed. When you browse the internet using this private browser, especially if you are transferring heavy data between your device and the remote server, it will take longer than the average browsers. This is because your traffic is encrypted multiple times, and this is what causes the delay and slowdown in internet speed.

With VPN, you can stabilize the speed of the Tor network and boost the private browser even more. When you activate the VPN connection, you can speed up your browsing speed because your VPN will provide the best speed for your connection and minimize any slowdown in your browsing activity.

4. Most Governments Can’t Track Traffic From The Tor Network

It has been proven time and again that the Tor network is a network of anonymous traffic that is very difficult to track, even by the US government. Of course, it is not completely impossible to track. But, for the everyday users, the protection given by the Tor network will be enough to keep them private and anonymous online, hidden from any third parties that are interested to steal your data.

It will also be a good way to keep your browsing activity hidden from any companies that want to collect your browsing data for the purpose of advertisements. Coupled with VPN, it will be a great tool for you to stay safe online, doing your regular online activity.

5. Your Online Activity Is Completely Secure And Private

If you really want to hide your real identity online and keep your privacy safe, using Tor and VPN is a must. It will guarantee you to have the best security and privacy for your online activity without any risk of occasional IP address or DNS leak. Also, since you are essentially using two private connections at the same time, you can count on one connection whenever there is a problem with the other. It helps to stabilize your online protection system.

Those are the urgent reasons to join Tor with VPN, and why they are such a perfect combination. Why not start now? If you already have a premium VPN subscription in place, you just need to download the Tor browser, which is available for free.