5 Types Of Information That Google Will Track From Your Browsing Activity

Google has been dominating the internet ever since they became the world’s biggest search engine company. However, since the popularity rise of Android mobile operating system, internet has become an integral part of anyone’s life. With the widespread use of Android operating system, everybody can connect to the internet whenever they want. Of course, since Google also offers various online tools that are used by billions of people, such as Gmail, Drive, Photos, Translate, Docs, Plus, and many other tools, billions of people can’t live without Google nowadays. All over the world, people need to use at least one online tool created by this company in their daily activities.

With the grip of Google so strong in everyone’s online activity, it becomes a concern since this company also monitors your online activity. This is especially true when you are using their tools since they will keep a history of your usage of those tools. This is why some people want to get out of its grip, which is quite impossible in this day and age. Instead of trying to dump Google out of your life, it is better to know about what they are monitoring from your online activity. In this way, you can improve your online privacy while using the company’s online tools. Here are 5 types of information that Google will track from your browsing activity:

1. Your Search History

Google is the biggest search engine in the world and it is the primary search engine that people all over the world use on a daily basis. When you use this search engine, the company will automatically store your search data in your search history. However, it can only be done when you are logged into your Google account while performing your online search. If you perform the searches without being logged into your account, your search data is not recorded in your account. The search history will consist of the keywords that you’ve typed into the search box as well as your voice search history.

2. Your Visited Web Pages

Google will also record your visited web pages in order to determine your interest. This is largely because this company’s primary business model is online advertising, which requires the company to know the best target audience for their display advertising. That’s why the visited web pages will be recorded by this company, especially if you are using Chrome, so that the company can display the most appropriate ads for you. You will see it in effect when you visit websites or using apps on Android mobile devices.

3. The Location You’ve Been Visiting

If you are using the Android mobile device in which the GPS system is being turned on, Google will automatically monitor your location all the time. This is especially true if you are using apps that require access to Google Maps or any other GPS functions. The company will record the places that you’ve been visiting, your current location, and your destination. The company will even ask you to review the places that you’ve been visiting in the last few days to enhance its local business search feature.

4. The Videos You Watched

Since Google owns YouTube and YouTube is the biggest video sharing website on the internet today, naturally billions of people are watching YouTube videos on a daily basis. What the company is doing is that it also monitors the videos that you’ve watched on YouTube. Since YouTube also uses the advertising network that is owned by Google, one of the purposes for the company in monitoring your YouTube activity is to provide the ads that are most relevant to your preferences. Other things that are monitored from your YouTube activity include your liked videos, how long you watched the video, favorite channels, and comments.

5. Information Related To Google App Services

There are lots of mobile apps that use Google App Services in order to function well. If you use an app that requires you to connect to your Google account in order to log into the app, it means that the app uses the Google App Services in its operation. When you use such apps, your activity is being tracked by Google as well as by the app developer. Your use of the app might to some extent be shared with Google, especially if the app developer uses the API from Google for a large portion of the app functions.

Those are the 5 types of information that Google will track from your browsing activity. While it is true that you might not be able to escape this company in your digital life, there are still many alternatives that are available in case you want to lessen Google’s influence in your online activity. But, most importantly, you should equip your network connection with a VPN in order to make third-party companies like Google unable to monitor each and every online activity that you do.