5 Types Of Browser Extensions That Help Protect Your Online Privacy

Most browsers that you can download from the internet today will offer you some kind of privacy and security protection that will help reduce the risks of online threats that you can encounter online. For instance, most browsers will block intrusive ads by default in an attempt to protect you from possible malicious threats that can be embedded in those ads. These browsers also have the basic malware protection that will warn you when you are visiting a malicious website that can potentially be dangerous for your online privacy.

In addition to that, they have a feature called incognito mode that allows you to browse privately without saving any browsing history on your device. However, these basic security and privacy features are often not enough to protect you from real world tracking and monitoring system. These basic features can’t protect you from any type of government tracking, third party monitoring, hacker attacks, and so on. That’s why you have to install some additional extensions that can add more functionalities on your browser. Here are 5 types of browser extensions that help protect your online privacy:

1. Privacy Search Extensions

There are lots of extensions that are designed to keep your search queries private to you. This is because the problem when you do some searching activity while being logged into your Google account is that you can’t hide your search queries from them. Google is always monitoring what you search and what websites that you visit, and thus, they can potentially bring risks to your online privacy. With the privacy search extensions, you will be able to redirect your search queries to the private servers so that Google or other companies cannot monitor and log your search queries.

2. Password Manager Extensions

It is absolutely important for you to keep your passwords safe online. You can’t just use the same password in all the online services that you use. This is because at the moment when your password is getting hacked, hackers can potentially get access to other online services that you use as well, which could be very dangerous for your online security. Thankfully, there are many password manager extensions that you can use online, which will help you to store your passwords in a secure server. Moreover, it helps prevent your passwords from being used in phishing and malicious websites.

3. VPN Extensions

If you want to keep your online activities anonymous, you need to use a VPN connection in order to do that. With the private connection, you will be able to hide your real IP address and make your browsing activity anonymous. There are many VPN browser extensions that you can use, which will help you to protect your browsing activity while using the browser. Usually, your VPN service provider will also give you the instruction to install the VPN browser extension if you want to keep your online activity private while using the browser. Not only it makes your online activity private, the VPN extension can also bypass all types of internet restrictions that are imposed by the government or your ISP.

4. HTTPS Extensions

When you browse the internet and visit various websites today, you will notice that some websites have the HTTPS address while the other websites only have the HTTP address. Here is what it means for you. The websites that have the HTTPS address are the websites that are encrypted, and you don’t need to worry about transferring your private data through the website because it will be safely protected. However, the websites that only have the HTTP address don’t have the encryption in its data transmission. It means that you can transfer your data through this website, and it is not safely protected at all. With the HTTPS extensions, you will be able to make all websites to use the HTTPS protocol, meaning that it will all be protected regardless of the encryption system used by the actual website.

5. Firewall And Anti-malware Extensions

While browsing, you need to be aware that there are lots of online threats that can attack you anytime. Hackers that might want to get something out of you might launch their attacks using your browser’s weakness and steal all your personal data. This is why it is important for you to install the firewall and anti-malware extensions on your browser because it can help prevent hackers from messing with your devices as well as minimize the risks of online threats that might attack your device via your browser.

Those are the types of browser extensions that help protect your online privacy. By installing these extensions, you will be able to enhance your overall browser privacy and security, making it more secure and private for you to use.