5 Tips to Keep Your Webcam Privacy and Security Online

The webcam technology has been an integral part of any online communications, which is the reason why most computing devices today are equipped with a camera. When you buy a desktop, laptop, or a mobile device, it is highly likely that you will find a camera installed on that device. That camera can be used for various purposes, but the primary purpose is to accommodate you in your online communications. It can be used for capturing images and videos in your communication with others over the internet.

The bad news is that your webcam might be targeted by hackers or any other irresponsible people to gain access to your private data. While normally, a webcam should only be used when you need it, such as when you are initiating a video call, sometimes hackers can get their way through your system and control the usage of your webcam completely. It means that they can remotely turn your webcam on and off, or even use it to observe your activities silently. This is why keeping your webcam private and secure is an important thing to do. Here are 5 tips to keep your webcam privacy and security online:

1. Use A Webcam Security Software

Normally, there is a light indicator when your webcam is being used, and this light indicator will remain turned on as long as your device is accessing the webcam. However, in the case of a security breach, hackers can easily turn off this light indicator while using the webcam feature, which means that you won’t realize that your webcam is always on. This is done by the hackers to prevent you from noticing their work so that they can spy you with your webcam in private. There is a software called the webcam security software that tells you whenever your webcam is being used regardless of the light indicator. So, hackers won’t have any chance to spy on your activity silently.

2. Activate The Firewall In Your Device

The existence of a firewall in your device is very important because the firewall can work to keep your device protected from any type of hacker attacks. When the hackers try to penetrate the security of your device, they have to deal with the firewall first before they can control your system completely. Unfortunately for them, firewalls are often very difficult to crack, so they will tend to leave your system alone when they found out that you have activated your firewall. Activating a good firewall software, in this case, is necessary for you to ward off any type of cyber criminals that are trying to gain access to your webcam.

3. When Not In Use, You Should Cover Your Webcam

Lots of people have the habit to keep their notebooks or laptops open when not in use. They are just leaving their devices alone in their room, not realizing that some unscrupulous people might use the webcam of their devices to spy on your room or private belongings. There is a good trick that can help you prevent any type of possible hacking of your web camera, which is by covering it when not in use. In this way, unscrupulous people can’t see through the cover to find out more private information about you. Also, if you are using laptops, make sure to close the lid when you are not using them, even when you are leaving for just a few minutes.

4. Use VPN In Any Webcam-Related Online Communication

If you often use your web camera for you online communications, make sure that your network connection is secure enough. Unsecured network connection is an easy entry point for hackers to gain access on your web camera, which means that if your connection is not encrypted, it is like leaving your doors open and letting the intruders to come to your home without any effort on their part. However, when you are using a VPN connection, you will be able to secure your network connection, and in so doing, making it impossible for hackers to enter your system through your network. The heavy encryption that the VPN will provide is like putting various locks on your doors and building a big wall in front of your home. There is no way that they can access your web camera.

5. Always Keep Your System And Your Webcam Software Up To Date

It is also important for you to keep your operating system up to date because hackers are actively seeking for any vulnerabilities that they can exploit from your operating system. By updating your OS, it means that you keep patching those vulnerabilities with the latest security protection, providing even more secure system for you to use. Also, it is important to keep your webcam software and firmware up to date to ensure that it is patched for the latest security protection. In this way, unscrupulous people can’t have any access to it.

Those are the tips to keep your webcam privacy and security online. If you want to protect your online privacy from any type of hacking and online threats, your web camera is definitely the one primary device that you have to protect. By protecting the web camera, you are not giving any intruders the “eyes” that they need to peek into your private environment.