5 Simple Tips To Use Virtual Private Connection From Countries That Ban VPN Software

There are a few countries that will not allow the citizens to use the VPN software. Countries like China and Russia are very strict in their internet laws, and they want to make sure that the citizens can comply with their restrictive internet rules. Not a long time ago, VPN was still allowed in China, but now, it has been banned, and the use and the promotion of a VPN is mostly prohibited by the government. This can be difficult for people who want to access some websites that are blocked by the government, especially for the travelers that are not native to these countries.

If you are from a country with no restrictive internet laws, and you plan to visit one of the countries that strictly ban the use of VPN software, what should you do? Certainly, it will be difficult for you to grab a VPN software and use it in those countries. However, there is always a solution for this problem. Here are 5 simple tips to use a virtual private connection from countries that ban VPN software:

1. Don’t Just Use Any VPN Software

Most of the VPN software that is available to the public will not work in countries that ban the use of VPN software. So, when choosing a VPN software for those countries, you shouldn’t just use any VPN software that is available on the market. You need to use the VPN software that is specifically designed to deal with the country’s VPN ban laws. There is some VPN software that is specifically designed to be used in countries like China and Russia. You just need to do some research before deciding on which one to use, since not all VPN software is the same.

2. Choose The VPN That Has These Features

If you want to use the VPN software in countries like China and Russia, it is important that the software has at least these two important features, which are anti VPN blocking, and anti VPN throttling. If the virtual private network software has these features available, you are guaranteed to be able to use the software in those countries, without any problem. The anti VPN blocking feature will ensure that the government that bans the use of VPN software cannot block this software, and the anti VPN throttling feature will ensure that while using virtual private network in those countries, you will have the maximum speed for your connection.

3. Always Make Sure That You Are Using Your Own Network

Since the countries that ban VPN software usually don’t like anyone to use any virtual private connection in their area, it is very important that you use VPN only when you connect from your own network. In public places where WiFi hotspots are available, you shouldn’t try to connect to these networks using the private connection. If you want to connect using the private connection, make sure that you keep using your own network to do that. It is better to prevent the government from detecting your VPN connection.

4. Make Sure That You Are Using VPN For Individual Purposes

Be very sure that you are using your private connection only for the purposes related to your individual needs. Don’t use the private connection to spread hate speech toward the government, or use it as a political tool for you to spread any type of propaganda. This is one of the main reasons these countries ban VPN in the first place, so you should respect their regulations. However, if you use the private connection only to visit blocked websites in order to watch movies or stream some music, then it’s fine, and it will not bring you any trouble if you use the private connection that way.

5. Make Sure That It Works For All Your Devices

In countries like China, there is a very strict VPN rule for mobile devices. For instance, the Chinese government instructs that Apple should remove most of their VPN apps from their Chinese App Store, which makes it more difficult for regular users to get access to the virtual private network on their mobile device. For this reason, you have to ensure that your VPN provider offers their app for your mobile device. You have to use the VPN provider that you can use in all your devices, especially in countries like China and Russia.

Those are the 5 simple tips to use a virtual private connection from countries that ban VPN software. If you are traveling to one of these countries, be sure to take the right VPN software with you, and follow the country’s regulation as much as possible. Use the private network only for positive things, and avoid using it for things that will disrupt the government in any way.