5 Reasons Why Hackers Can’t Hack Into Your Private Connection

Why is VPN being marketed as a way for you to protect your online privacy? How can the virtual private connection that you use prevent you from any possible hacker attacks? Those are the questions that you might have in mind before subscribing to any good VPN service. You might think that your regular connection is good enough to protect you because so far you don’t have any problems with your connection whatsoever. You might also think that most reputable websites already have their encryption system anyway, so you don’t need to use any private connection to add more encryption to your network.

If that’s what you think, you might need to think again. This is because hackers don’t pick and choose their targets, especially when they are doing mass attacks on various client computers. Sure, they might be picky when they choose big targets such as corporations. But, when it comes to petty hacking crimes like stealing passwords, stealing files from your cloud storage, hijacking your social media accounts, and the like, hackers are not picky at all. So, they can come to you anytime.

However, they can’t do anything when your network connection is protected with VPN. Here are 5 reasons why hackers can’t hack into your private connection:

1. Your Real IP Address Is Masked And Hidden

The main function of VPN is to hide and mask your IP address. So, instead of showing your real IP address to the public and to the websites that you visit, you are showing the private IP address. The good thing about the private IP address on VPN is that you can choose the location based on your preferences. You can choose the private IP address that is located in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other countries depending on the server locations provided by your VPN service provider.

Since your real IP address is masked and hidden, any websites that you visit will only recognize your private IP address. This is also true with any third party that is trying to track you, including hackers.

2. Your Entire Network Is Encrypted With Very Complex Algorithm

VPN is not just the tool that you can use to hide or mask your IP address, but it is also a tool that can be used to encrypt your entire network. When you install a VPN app or software on your device, you don’t just install a small and insignificant application. In fact, you are building an infrastructure for your device that allows you to protect and encrypt the entire network connection that you use.

With this encryption, the VPN app or software will create multiple layers of security and privacy protection for your connection. If the virtual private connection has additional security tools like antivirus or firewall, it will be even better. The layers of encryption for your network are what makes it impossible for hackers to breach it.

3. It Might Take Years For Hackers To Breach Into Your VPN Connection

Even if the hackers are so determined to hack into your private connection, and they are so persistent with it, it could take years for them to breach into your private connection. The algorithm is too complex for regular hackers to break in just a few minutes. This is especially true if the VPN has the 256-bit encryption or more. It will make it nearly impossible for hackers to hack into your system.

The algorithm of the private connection is simply too complex for anyone to tinker with. Even the VPN company itself is unable to track or hack their own users once they are logged into the private network.

4. Your IP Address Is Changing Constantly

One important feature that you can get as a VPN user is the ability to choose the private servers according to your preferences. Most virtual private network services don’t give any limit for the users to switch between different servers. Thus, you can easily switch from the private server in the US to another server in the UK in just a single click.

This will confuse the hackers since once they’ve located your private server address, you can easily switch it to another address and they will lose track of you. It’s a great way to disappear from the hacker’s radar immediately.

5. Private IP Addresses Are Impossible To Track

The people who are using the private IP addresses around the world are numerous. Your private IP address might be used not only by you, but it might also be shared with other users as well. So, in this regard, private IP addresses are impossible to track. It is impossible to determine the exact user that does something online using a private address because it can be anyone.

This is why using a private IP address can really make your online activity secure and anonymous, and also, this is why hackers can’t breach into your VPN connection.