5 Reasons Why a Disposable Email Account Can Protect Your Privacy Online

Most people might not be familiar with the thing called disposable email account. However, this type of email account exists, and it might provide way better privacy if you know how to use it. Compared to the regular email account, the disposable email account is the type of email address that can be used only once, and you can throw it away after use. So, it’s kind of temporary email address that you can use if you want to send any private message to other people without having to expose your personal information.

In your online activity, there will be many occasions when you are required to give away your email information to a third party for various purposes. It can be for the purpose of downloading a software, subscribing to a newsletter, making a conversation with a stranger, buying and selling, and so on. In such cases, you don’t really need to give away your primary email address, especially if you only need to communicate with such third parties once. A disposable email address is more fitting in such situations. Moreover, there are valid reasons why you should start using this type of email account if you care so much about your online privacy. Here are 5 reasons why a disposable email account can protect your privacy online:

1. Protect Your Identity Information Online

First of all, when you use a disposable email account, you can easily and conveniently hide your identity online. If you don’t want other people to know about you, you can use this type of account because you can protect your identity and make your conversation private. This is useful especially if you are dealing with companies that ask for your email address for marketing purposes. In this case, you can use the disposable address and avoid any marketing messages that might be sent to your address later. It is also beneficial when you use this address to communicate with strangers online.

2. Avoid Dealing With Spam Messages

Spam messages can be frustrating to deal with because these messages keep on filling your inbox with junk and often dangerous links. To avoid getting spam messages, you have to stop sharing your primary email address with other third parties, especially the ones that you don’t know well. If you easily give your messages to other third parties, especially to people or companies that you don’t know, these third parties might sell your address to other third parties so that they can include you in their spam list. With a disposable address, it is possible to avoid spam messages altogether.

3. It Doesn’t Log Your IP Address

Almost all disposable email account providers allow you to store temporary messages without logging your IP address. Remember that your IP address contains very sensitive information regarding your location and your device. If you let anyone know your IP address, you are potentially giving your personal information to them for free. With the disposable account, which doesn’t log your IP address, you don’t need to worry about anyone knowing your IP address online. It is also better if you use this type of temporary account with the VPN active to make it even more private for you.

4. All Messages Are Deleted After A Certain Period

The purpose of the disposable inbox is to make it possible for you to use it in a certain timeframe before throwing it away. All messages that come to your temporary account will be deleted in a certain period, usually in a week. This is why it is called a temporary email account. In this way, you don’t need to worry about any third party trying to scan your inbox for the messages or conversations that you have done in the past. It is designed to be used for your private communication.

5. Prevent Any Website From Selling Your Personal Information

Nowadays, there are lots of websites that are trying to get more money from their customers or visitors by selling their personal information. It means that any information that you provide for such websites will be used as a commodity for those websites to make more money. When you give them your primary email address along with your personal information, and the website decides to sell your email address information to other third parties, it will be disadvantageous for you. By using a disposable account, this possible breach in privacy can be prevented before it happens.

Those are the reasons why a disposable email account can protect your privacy online. Protecting your online privacy can be done in various ways. The first recommended method is by using a virtual private network. The second recommended method is to start using this type of temporary email account to keep your online communications private and secure.