5 Reasons To Protect Your Online Privacy While Everyone Is Monitoring Your Online Activity

There are some people that will say that hiding your IP address or getting anonymous is not worth the effort because everyone is monitoring your browsing activity regardless of whether you want it or not. While this is true, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible for you to avoid them doing that. When you connect go online, you are always being tracked. You are tracked by any website that you visit, the government, the ISP, and various other third parties. You are literally being bombarded with the surveillance system that they have set up on the internet in order to keep you under control.

Yes, it might be a kind of pointless to try hiding your internet activity or encrypting your internet traffic, but it is certainly better for you to do so if there is an opportunity to do so. With the VPN connection, it is possible for anyone to protect their online privacy and prevent any third parties from monitoring their online activity. If you are still thinking that online surveillance is the fact of life that internet users just need to accept, you should think again. Here are 5 reasons to protect your online privacy while everyone is monitoring your online activity:

1. It Is Still Possible To Protect Your Online Privacy

You might say that there are too many people wanting to know what you do online, which is the truth, but you shouldn’t fret about it either because there are still ways to avoid that. You can still use VPN, anonymous browser, web proxy, and many other things. If you say that there is nothing you can do to avoid it, then you haven’t look around much. Unless you are living in a country where it is absolutely impossible for you to use any VPN stuff, you are still well on your way to guard your own internet privacy and security. Fortunately, most countries in the world still give you the freedom to do whatever you want online, as well as to use whatever security tools that you need.

2. The Government Actually Gives Freedom For Anyone To Hide Their Browsing Activity

While the government is usually the one getting blamed for restricting the internet privacy of their citizens, the government is actually not forcing this monitoring system at anyone. This is a kind of their standard operation procedure to have your internet usage constantly monitored since their IT system is designed that way. However, the government will not reprimand you from using any type of VPN connection to hide your online trace at all. The government will not just push their way to force any monitoring or surveillance system on each of your devices.

3. It’s Not A Complicated Process To Do

Protecting your privacy is actually not a complicated process to do. All you need to do is to install a specific software and you’re good to go. You can install an anonymous browser or a VPN, which you can get easily on the internet. Then, you can simply use the software either with the default settings or by customizing the settings according to your preferences. So, there is no reason why you should let any third party monitor your online activity if you can simply prevent them from doing so by installing a specific software. Anyone can protect their online privacy if they want to.

4. VPN Is As Affordable As It Can Be Today

While there are lots of free VPN software available, it is always recommended that you subscribe to a premium VPN service simply because it gives you more freedom with your online activity. The premium VPN service will allow you to visit any blocked website without any bandwidth limit or speed slowdown whereas the free service will limit your bandwidth and connection speed. There are also lots of security features that you can use, such as the firewall, DNS protection, military-grade encryption, and so on. Additionally, the price of a premium VPN subscription is very affordable.

5. You Want A Complete Freedom, Privacy, And Security Online

When you access the internet, you want to have complete freedom in what you are doing. You also want to protect your online privacy and security all the time. That’s why you don’t want to give the control of your internet activity to the government, the ISP, or any other third parties because you can’t afford to lose your online privacy, security, and freedom. This is why despite everyone trying to monitor what you are doing online, you still need to protect your online privacy. You don’t care about their data mining practice and you certainly won’t participate in their system.

Those are the 5 reasons to protect your online privacy while everyone is monitoring your online activity. The quick answer is that it is still doable. We are still living in a world where people respect online privacy rights of every internet user. So, you shouldn’t lose the opportunity to protect your own online privacy and security today.