5 Reasons To Invest More On Your VPN – Using A Personal Private Server

Most VPN services that are available on the market today will allow you to choose between different servers on different locations. The one thing that you need to know about these servers is that these are shared servers. It means that you are sharing the use of the servers with other users that are using the same VPN service as you. While there is nothing wrong in using shared servers in your private connection, there are a few disadvantages that you will get. For instance, you might experience occasional performance drops due to server overload.

This is why there are some VPN service providers out there that offer additional services to enhance the quality of your private connection. One of these additional services is the personal private server, which you can use with the private network connection for an additional fee per month or year. The bad news about it is that if you use this personal server, you will increase your monthly or yearly expense for your VPN connection significantly. But, is it worth it? Here are 5 reasons to invest more on your VPN using a personal private server:

1. It Provides A Stable Performance For Your Private Network

The first thing that you need to take a look when choosing a private connection service is the stability and reliability of the connection. For instance, if your private connection is just good for a few days and then it will drop in performance due to various reasons, you definitely can’t stick with this kind of VPN service for a long time. The good news about using a personal private server is that you will always get the best performance from your server because you are using the whole server without sharing the server resources with other users.

2. You Are Not Sharing The Server With Other Users

When you use a shared server where other users are using the same server at the same time, you will prone to get lots of connection problems. This can range from a simple connection drop to a severe performance problem where you can’t use your private connection at all. It is also prone to IP data leak, which will make it dangerous for your online privacy. When you use a personal server in your VPN connection, it means that you rent the whole server for yourself, and thus, you won’t get any type of problems that you usually get when using a shared server.

3. Advanced Online Security And Privacy Protection

Most personal private servers that are offered by various VPN service providers will provide a better security and privacy protection for your online activity. Moreover, when you use the personal server, you can get all the types of security protection available because the server is capable of running the encryption without having to overload the resources. In the case of a shared server, the VPN service needs to limit the privacy protection simply because too much protection can affect the performance of the server, and thus, affect the experience of other users.

4. You Don’t Share Your Private IP Address With Other Users

There is a big benefit when you use a shared IP address in your private connection, such as making your real identity more difficult to trace. However, there is a big disadvantage as well. When you use a shared IP address, other users that are using the same IP address might do some bad online activities, and your IP address will be affected by that. This is why most online services will ban shared IP addresses because of the risk of threats that they bring. With a personal private server, you get your own dedicated IP address that you use for yourself.

5. You Get A Clean IP Address On The Destination Country

The good thing about having a personal private server in your VPN connection is that you can choose your server location and get the dedicated IP address for that location. In other words, you will be able to appear as the citizen of the destination country where your server is located. Since you are using a dedicated IP address, you can do various online activities in that country because your IP address stays the same. Moreover, your IP address is clean without any history of blacklist or ban by various online services. It gives you the full ability to bypass all the internet restrictions without any risk of being seen as a threat by the websites that you visit.

Those are the reasons to invest more on your VPN using a personal private server. However, you need to take note that this is not a small investment on your part. Unless you really want the full online freedom and privacy protection, you can stick with using the regular shared servers in your private connection.