5 Reasons To Choose A Premium VPN With The Anti VPN Blocking Feature

As you might already know, there are a few countries in the world that have banned the use of VPN, which means that if you live in one of those countries, you cannot use any VPN software there. This is due to the restrictions that are applied by the government of those countries, which often require the users to adhere fully to their internet laws. Those governments want to control the behavior of their citizens online, so that they can only visit the websites that are approved by the government. Of course, for many users, this is a violation of their basic online privacy and security rights.

In addition to their laws of forbidding the use of the virtual private network, the government of those countries is monitoring the activity of their citizens online. With the Deep Packet Inspection technology, the government will know whatever their citizens are doing when they use their online connection. But, thankfully, some VPN providers start to offer the anti VPN blocking feature in their service. This is why it is important for you to choose a premium VPN with the anti VPN blocking feature, especially if you plan to visit one of those countries in the near future. Here are 5 reasons to choose a premium VPN with the anti VPN blocking feature:

1. You Can Still Use The VPN Software Even Though It Is Banned In The Country

One of the advantages of using the VPN service with the anti VPN blocking feature is that you don’t need to worry about connecting to the internet from within the country that has banned the use of VPN. Lots of other virtual private network services might be banned in this country. But, if you use the VPN service with the anti VPN blocking feature, the government cannot block the use of the private connection software. In fact, the government will not know that you are using the private connection when you connect to the internet. So, when you use this particular virtual private network provider, you can still use the software even if it is officially blocked by the government.

2. You Are Hiding Your VPN Traffic From The Government

The virtual private network that uses the anti VPN blocking feature is actually using the silent private traffic, which is not detectable by the government. Usually, the government will use the Deep Packet Inspection system to monitor your internet traffic, and if you are using the private network to connect to the internet, the DPI system is able to detect it. Once it is detected, this system automatically refuses your connection, and thus, you cannot access any website with your private network. But, if your VPN has the feature to prevent this blocking, you can hide your internet traffic, and the DPI system cannot detect your private network, and thus, you will be able to access any website normally.

3. It Keeps The Security Of Your Private Connection

There are only a few VPN service providers that have developed the technology to hide their private traffic under the Deep Packet Inspection system. And to run this technology, there are lots of processes that need to be done. Fortunately for the users, these processes don’t affect the security of your private network connection. In other words, while you can enjoy the internet freedom even in the most restrictive country, you don’t need to worry about your online security and privacy. Your data is encrypted and the government cannot monitor what you are doing online.

4. You Can Bypass Your ISP’s Throttling Procedure

The government will usually work with the ISP to discourage people from accessing the internet using the VPN connection. One of the ways is to perform the throttling procedure, which is basically to slow down your internet connection. When you connect to the internet using the private network, the ISP can determine whether you are connecting using the regular connection or the private connection. Once it detects that you are connecting with a private connection, the ISP will automatically slow down your connection speed, so that you might consider using the regular internet connection instead. If you pick the VPN with the anti VPN blocking feature, this kind of ISP throttling procedure cannot be applied to your connection, since your ISP cannot detect the connection type that you use, and thus, giving you the same internet speed as the regular connection.

5. You Are Free From Government Monitoring While Using This Service

Since the government of these countries wants to completely monitor their citizens when they are online, so that they can control them, it is necessary that they block the use of private network connections, so that their citizens can keep using their regular internet connection. What is good when you choose the private network that offers an anti VPN blocking feature is that you will be able to free yourself from government monitoring, since your private connection is absolutely silent and undetected by the government, even though they are banning virtual network connections.

Those are the 5 reasons to choose a premium VPN with the anti VPN blocking feature. With this type of virtual private network service, you don’t need to worry about exploring the internet freely from within the countries that ban the use of VPN software. So, choose your service provider wisely.