5 Online Gaming Problems and How VPN Can Solve Them

When it comes to mobile gaming, online gaming dominates because most of the games that are available on the app store today are online games. Moreover, they are free to download, so the users can just download and play it right away. This is also the same when it comes to PC gaming. Users are leaning toward playing online multiplayer games than the single player ones, which is why the number of online gamers keep on growing day by day.

However, with all the popularity of online gaming, there comes various disadvantages. For instance, online gaming requires a constant internet connection, and it has to be stable enough to handle the transfer rates of those games. If it were not stable, the games can’t be played smoothly. Aside from that, there are also many other problems involving online gaming, and generally, you can solve most of these problems with VPN. Here are 5 online gaming problems and how VPN can solve them:

1. The Lagging Problem

Sometimes, when there are too many demands for traffic in a specific game, the regular ISP’s connection might not be able to keep up with the demands. As a result, the lagging will ensue, and you will have trouble playing your favorite game smoothly and enjoyably. When the lagging happens, the game will practically be unplayable since you generally have a big trouble connecting to the server and stabilizing your connection.

With VPN, this problem can be managed by connecting to the private server at the same location as your current server. So, if you are living in the US, try to connect to the private server that is located in the US. Since VPN has the ability to stabilize your connection, you will see that the connection becomes more stable and lagging can be minimized.

2. Lack of Available Servers

For instance, you are living in an Asian country and the online game that you want to play only have servers in the US and the Europe. It might also have a server in Asia, but it is not exactly located in your country or near your country. Again, this can cause you a big problem when playing your online games. Since the server location is too far away, you will have trouble communicating with the servers and it will cause lots of lagging and interruptions in your connection.

With VPN, this can be avoided because you can easily connect to any private server that is located at the same country as the available servers. In this way, you don’t need to have any problem connecting to the gaming servers of your choice.

3. Malicious Users Trying to Hack Servers

It is very common in the online gaming scene that certain users are trying to bombard some servers with requests that will end up crashing the servers or making it out of service. As a result, you can’t connect or log into your favorite online gaming account due to the servers being inaccessible for you. This can be bothersome if you really want to play your favorite game.

With VPN, this can be minimized since you can connect to any servers that you want. If the servers in your region is currently out of service due to some hacker attacks, you can switch your private connection to another location and connect to a different gaming server in this way.

4. Region Protection

Some games are only available in certain regions. So, how can you play those games? If you really want to play a certain online game and it is only launched on specific regions, you don’t need to wait until your region gets the launch date in order to start playing that game.

With VPN, you just need to switch to the different server to match the region where the game is launched, and you will be able to download and play that game right at the launch date without having to wait for weeks or months just to try it.

5. Account Security and Privacy

VPN can also deal with the account security and privacy of your online gaming. As you might already know, there are hackers out there who always want to get the account information from gamers that play certain online games. This is because the account is usually connected to various private information such as credit card information and personal information for the purpose of purchasing the in-game items.

With VPN, your account security and privacy will be better protected because all data transmissions are encrypted, and you will be able to keep your account anonymous and out of reach from those hackers.