5 Important Things That You Should Know About VPN Ban In China

China is one of the few countries in the world that has a very strict internet laws, which often violate the online privacy and security rights according to the US standards. This country has blocked lots of websites that people in other countries can use normally, such as Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. As a replacement, the Chinese government has their own version of the search engine and social media platforms that can be used by the citizens. Moreover, China also bans VPN, which means that the citizens generally cannot use or not encouraged to use proxy services to connect to the internet on a daily basis.

While these restrictions might seem too much for most people living in the US and other countries, Chinese people don’t have a choice aside from following the rules set by the government. However, the proxy service ban in China might not be as bad as people might think since there are lots of misconceptions about it. You might think that this country doesn’t allow anyone to use the virtual private network, but the truth is that it is still possible for you to use VPN in China. Here are 5 important things that you should know about VPN ban in China:

1. Businesses Can Still Use Hide IP Tool, But They Have To Be Registered

Chinese businesses and corporations can still use the proxy service as usual, but they have to register it to the government. It means that if the businesses need to use common business tools as they are available in the US, for example, then they have to tell the government that they need to use the VPN for this purpose. This is especially important for multinational companies in China. Once the government gives the approval to use the virtual private network, then the company can start using the virtual network service to access blocked websites. Businesses that don’t register before using VPN can be prosecuted legally.

2. The More Aggressive Ban Will Start February 2018

Before China’s call to ban the VPN for their citizens, VPN services were widely used by Chinese people to access websites that are blocked by the government. People can still use VPN to access Google and use various social media platforms. However, since the government issues the new and more aggressive proxy service restriction laws, fewer people are able to access the blocked websites using VPN since all the local VPN services are being shut down. This ban is not fully in effect yet, but the change of behavior for Chinese citizens is happening. The VPN ban will start February 2018.

3. Some Premium Proxy Services Can Still Be Used

When this ban is in full effect after February 2018, people will not be able to use most VPN services that are available on the market today. This is especially true for the free virtual network services, in which the Chinese government has begun to shut them down. For instance, the government urged Apple to delete all VPN apps in their App Store, which will make it even more difficult for people to find a good virtual network service in China. However, some premium proxy services can still be used, but these services need to have a certain feature called the anti VPN blocking feature. When using these premium VPN services, you can still use virtual network in China without being detected.

4. Selling VPN Services In China Is Illegal

China has banned local businesses that sell VPN services to the local internet users, which means that generally, selling VPN is not allowed in China. There were even cases when people got jailed and required to pay fines for selling proxy services for local users. However, using VPN services that are not based in China are still quite viable. If you can find a virtual network provider that is outside of China, you might still be able to use it, as long as the service provider specifically states that their hide IP service can be used in China.

5. Some Areas Might Persecute Internet Users For Using VPN

Although the Chinese government generally discourages people from using VPN, there are always people who will find the way to use hide IP tool in this country. Also, most travelers are always allowed to use proxy service in China so that they can visit the websites that are blocked by the government. However, generally, they need to let the government know that they are using VPN in the country. In some areas, though, individual users who are caught off using VPN might be legally persecuted.

Those are the 5 important things that you should know about VPN ban in China. It might look scary for the Chinese citizens to endure the internet with such massive restrictions. But, then again, travelers or those who are not native to China can still be able to use hide IP tool freely. So, you don’t need to worry about not being able to use the internet normally when you decide to visit this country.