5 Common Misconceptions About Tor Privacy Browser

Tor is the browser that is often used by internet users to access the deep web which is a deep part of the internet that is generally not accessible via the regular browsers. Tor is also called the privacy browser, since it encrypts your connection using a virtual private network, allowing you to browse the deep web or the regular web anonymously. It uses the advanced encryption technology that makes it difficult for third parties to track your real IP address. Coupled with the use of VPN, you can completely be safe online when you use the Tor browser since the encryption system will be doubled.

There are lots of misunderstandings that people have regarding Tor. First of all, since it is used mostly for accessing the deep web, many people still see it as something “scary” to use. Then, people generally don’t want to use Tor due to various security concerns. Here are the 5 common misconceptions about Tor privacy browser:

1. Tor Is The Browser For Hackers

It is true that Tor has been used by hackers and cyber criminals to do all sorts of digital crimes. But, it’s only because it provides the online anonymity that these bad people need to keep themselves undetected by the authorities. Also, when you browse the deep web using Tor, you will find many types of strange, malicious, and bad websites created by malicious and fraudulent people, so be very careful in your browsing activity. However, because of the complete anonymity that this browser can provide to you, it can be used as your regular browser. When you use it, you will get the benefit of complete privacy and anonymity during your online activity. It has been used by educators, researchers, journalists, writers, military personnel, and people from various backgrounds to stay private in their online activity.

2. It Is Not User Friendly

You might think that it is difficult to use, due to its nature being different from other browsers like Firefox or Chrome. But, in fact, it is quite user friendly, and it is designed to be used by everybody, just like the regular browsers. The user interface is similar to the browsers that you use every day, and it’s basically a simple software to use. You just need to install it and you can start browsing the internet immediately with it. Moreover, you can do that with complete privacy without worrying about any third party monitoring or surveillance system.

3. Tor Is Full Of Malicious Websites

Just like the regular browsers where you can find lots of malicious websites when you are not careful in browsing the internet using such browsers, Tor is also the same. Yes, you can encounter plenty of malicious websites if you are careless in your browsing. Remember that it is a privacy browser, and it is also mostly used by hackers and other cyber criminals. So, naturally, there are lots of underground websites that you can find when you access some private website addresses via the Tor network. However, if you exercise caution when using Tor, just like you would when you use the regular browsers, the Tor browser can be a safe place for you to enjoy your online privacy.

4. It Is Different From Other Browsers

Unlike the regular browsers, the Tor browser is built mainly for online anonymity, meaning that when you use it, your real IP address will completely be hidden. Your real IP address will be very difficult to track, especially if you have your VPN connection turned on before using Tor. Since this browser is built for online anonymity, you shouldn’t be surprised that it has lots of the privacy features that many other browsers don’t have. At first, it might seem strange to you, but it is built primarily to protect the users’ safety, security, and privacy online.

5. The Tor Network Has Slow Connection And Bad Performance

One of the most common complaints about this browser is the speed or performance of the browser. You might notice that when you use this browser, the speed is way slower than using the regular browsers. This is primarily because of the encryption and relaying system that it has, which might slow down the connection. The Tor network does all the encryption system by relaying your traffic through many servers, so it might take more time for it to load the website that you want to visit. But, the truth is that despite its slow connection speed, the developers of the Tor browser is working to improve the performance of the Tor network. The performance of the Tor browser today is way better than it was a year ago, or even a few months ago.

Those are the 5 common misconceptions about Tor privacy browser. If you would like to use this browser, but scared of its apparent bad reputation, then you should understand more about how this privacy browser works. Tor is just like another browser that you use, only that it cares a lot about the privacy of its users. If you are still worried, you can activate your VPN before trying to use this browser in order to get the ultimate privacy for your browsing activity.