5 Benefits That You Get When You Access YouTube Using Virtual Private Network

While you might be able to watch YouTube videos just fine, there are millions of people in some countries that cannot do that because YouTube is being blocked by their government. That’s why some of those people managed to bypass their country’s internet restrictions and access YouTube just like the other people by using VPN. However, this is not about unlocking blocked access to YouTube using VPN. It’s about using VPN to access YouTube, regardless of whether your country blocks this website or not. Have you tried it?

There are lots of interesting things that you can get when you simply turn on your virtual private network and access the biggest video streaming website on the internet by hiding your IP address. By using the IP address that you get from your VPN connection, there are lots of things that you can see on YouTube, which you couldn’t see before. Here are 5 benefits that you get when you access YouTube using the virtual private network:

1. You Can See The Trending Videos From Other Countries

Different countries have different videos to offer on YouTube. As such, the videos that are trending in one country are also different from the videos that are trending in other countries. Since VPN will allow you to switch between countries and use the IP address from that country, it means that you can see the trending videos from other countries. You can see what is popular in certain countries and what’s the most discussed things there. This can give you lots of new information that is very interesting to explore.

2. You Can See Certain Videos That Are Normally Not Available

Browsing the YouTube website using another IP address will allow you to see the recommended videos that are different from what you usually see. There are also videos that will be available for you, which are normally not available. In fact, your YouTube homepage will be different, and there will be lots of things to discover simply by browsing the homepage. Also, if you previously cannot watch a video due to the region restriction, you will be able to watch such video without any problem.

3. You Can Subscribe To The Premium YouTube Services

There are several premium YouTube services that are currently available only for specific countries. These services are normally not offered in other countries, and these are usually unknown or hidden from the users from other countries. But, by activating the virtual private network and access YouTube using the IP address of the country that is eligible for such premium services, you can see their offers and even subscribe to those services. In this way, you can enjoy this video streaming service like never before.

4. You Can Watch Vevo Music Videos On YouTube

Vevo music videos are available on YouTube, and they feature music videos from various artists from around the world. These videos are usually the ones that give certain artists a rise in popularity since these videos can go viral really quickly. The good thing about Vevo music videos is that these videos are original music videos released by the respective artists or record labels, with high quality picture and sound. The bad thing about it is that it might not be available on your country. In other words, while you can access YouTube, you might not be able to access Vevo music videos. By using the VPN connection, you will be able to access Vevo music videos just like the other users and enjoy your favorite music anytime you want.

5. You Can Bypass The YouTube Blocking In Your Country

This is the most important point. If you are living in a country that doesn’t allow you to access YouTube and many other websites, the virtual private network can simply unblock such restrictions and allow you to enjoy this video streaming website to your heart’s content. Not only that, you will also be able to unblock many other websites that are blocked by the government in your country. In this way, you don’t need to miss out on the awesomeness of YouTube, which is the best and largest video streaming service on the internet.

Those are the 5 benefits that you get when you access YouTube using the virtual private network. The VPN will allow you to enjoy various types of videos that this website has to offer. It will also allow you to learn a lot about what’s popular in other countries, as well as new selections of videos to watch based on each country’s recommendations. In short, you can enjoy the full YouTube experience simply by using the VPN connection.