5 Benefits That You Can Get When Using US Server In Your VPN Connection

When you are using a premium VPN service, you will come across many countries to choose from for your private servers. The most common countries are USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, UK, Netherlands, and Australia. Whatever server that you choose, you will be able to get the benefit of accessing the internet without any restriction at all, which means that you can bypass any type of website blocking and censorship that has been applied by your government.

However, there is an interesting tidbit of using VPN that you should know. Among many servers that you can choose from your VPN connection, the US server is apparently the one that gives you lots of benefits. When you connect to the US server, you might be able to enjoy various advantages that are not provided when you use the private server from other countries. Here are 5 benefits that you can get when using US server in your VPN connection:

1. You Get Most Of The World’s Entertainment

If the main reason you use a VPN is because you would like to enjoy various types of entertainment without getting blocked or censored by the government, then the US server should be your first choice of VPN server. By using the US server, you will be able to use a US-based IP address, meaning that you will browse the web as if you do it from the United States. And what’s good about it is that you will get most of the world’s entertainment online since the US is the primary market for such entertainment, such as movies, TV series, games, videos, books, and more. You will be able to open the gate to a fantastic online experience.

2. You Can Get Lots Of Free Content That Might Not Otherwise Available In Other Countries

Many of the streaming services that are based in the US are offering free content for the US citizens. However, the same content might not be available in other countries since it is region restricted. For instance, certain TV series or animation videos are only available in the US market, and they are available to stream freely with ads. With the US server on your VPN, it will not really be a problem for you to access such free content. You just need to sign up to the free streaming service and you’re good to go.

3. You Can Use The World’s Best Premium Digital Services

Not only free content, there are also lots of premium content that is available only for the US citizens. For instance, in many countries, Netflix is not available. Also, even if Netflix is available in other countries, the selection of movies that you can watch is always less than the movies that are available in the US Netflix service. It’s not just Netflix. There are hundreds of premium digital services that you can use only in the US. By using the VPN server that is based in the United States, you can use the world’s best premium digital services that are now accessible to you.

4. You Have The Best Server Connection And Performance

There are many VPN service providers that are based in the US, so naturally they will optimize the connection and performance of the US servers first before they work on the servers that are located in other countries. As a VPN user, this is a big advantage for you, since it means that the United States servers will be available for you in the best connection speed and performance. By using the US-based server, you will be able to get the ultimate VPN experience in terms of speed, performance, and reliability.

5. You Can Unlock Premium Features From Your Favorite Websites

Some of your favorite websites, which might be widely available all over the world, might have something special to offer for the US citizens. This is because many of these websites are based in the United States. For instance, YouTube, while being the world’s largest video streaming service, is available for free in most countries in the world. However, when you access YouTube using a US server, you will be able to see that it also offers premium features for the US citizens, which allow you to watch videos on YouTube without ads, save videos for offline viewing, and more. It’s not just YouTube, though. There are lots of other websites that offer premium features only for the US-based users, which you can take advantage if you are using a US-based VPN server.

Those are the 5 benefits that you can get when using US server in your VPN connection. Since the US server is always available in any VPN service, it’s just a matter of switching your current VPN server to the United States server to get all of these benefits. Once you do that, you can get more out of your VPN subscription.