5 Bad Consequences of Using a Bad VPN Service That Tracks Your Online Activity

When choosing a VPN service provider, you have to understand about the privacy policy that they have. Most of the good and reputable virtual private network services offer the complete privacy of their users with their zero logging policy. On the other hand, there are still a lot of services that offer their private network without the no logging policy feature.

Most of the time, the private connections that don’t offer zero logging policy will monitor your activity while using the VPN connection. Sure, they might protect you against various government and ISP monitoring systems. But, while using their private network, you are constantly being monitored by the VPN service provider by recording your browsing activity, sites you visit, and even your passwords. Here are 5 bad consequences of using a bad VPN service that tracks your online activity:

1. The Government Can Request Your Browsing Data Anytime

By choosing the VPN service that doesn’t offer the no logging policy, you are giving your browsing data to the VPN service provider. Of course, the private network will still function as the connection that you can use to hide your IP address from the government, ISP, and other third parties. But, in return, your browsing activities will be monitored by the VPN service provider itself. Moreover, when the government requests your data to be given to them, the service provider needs to comply with the request of the government, giving away your data without question.

2. Your Online Privacy Is Not Completely Protected

With the zero logging policy, nobody will be able to monitor or track your online activity whatsoever. But, without this policy, your online data is at risk of privacy breach. This is because your virtual private network service provider will always track what you are doing online. This makes it impossible for you to hide your browsing activity from various third parties. No matter if you trust the service, it doesn’t mean that they won’t hand your data to other third parties later.

3. The VPN Service Provider Might Sell Your Data

There have been cases where bad virtual private network services are selling the data from the users to the third parties. It can be for various reasons, including advertisements, data collection, market analysis, and so on. Remember that when the service that you use doesn’t give you the confidence of storing your private information properly, it will only give you lots of problems later. Your data might be misused for various reasons, and the service provider itself might use the data that they are collecting to break into your private information.

4. The VPN Provider Knows Your IP Address and Real Location

The purpose of using VPN is generally to give you the online protection from various possible threats as well as the monitoring system from the government. The virtual private network works by hiding your IP address and real location while browsing the internet so that third parties cannot find out about your real information. However, when you are using a bad VPN service, you can’t hide your IP address because your service provider knows your real IP address and location, as well as what you are doing online.

5. The Private Connection Itself Might Not Worth To Use

If a VPN service doesn’t give the users a good online experience without having to deal with the third party monitoring and tracking, then such a service might not worth to use at all. It is because it is untrustworthy, and there are lots and lots of alternative VPN services to use. Why should you stick to a VPN service that tracks what you are doing while there are lots of other services that have the zero logging policy? In fact, you might need to switch to another service instead of sticking with the service of a bad VPN provider.

Those are the bad consequences of using a bad VPN service that tracks your online activity. Remember that not all VPN services are trustworthy, and some of them are even dangerous for your online privacy. Don’t use a virtual private network that promises you with good privacy and security protection without first checking whether they are tracking your online activity or not.