5 Advantages That The Anonymous Browser Can Bring To Your Online Privacy

To be anonymous online, you don’t need to use a VPN to do that. Although VPN is still recommended if you want to go online with full privacy and security protection, using the anonymous browser can do the trick. Without any VPN, an anonymous browser can help you connect to the internet safely and anonymously. Some notable anonymous browsers include Tor, Opera (with Opera VPN active), Firefox Focus for mobile devices, and some others. Simply by installing one of these browsers, you can start browsing the net without worrying about third-party monitoring and surveillance.

The one standout feature of an anonymous browser is that it is often built around protecting the users’ privacy and security. So, when they use it, they can get various benefits just like when they use a virtual private network. Also, these browsers are often equipped with a VPN connection so that it can provide a better anonymity for the users. Here are 5 advantages that the anonymous browser can bring to your online privacy:

1. You Don’t Need A VPN To Stay Private Online

By using the anonymous browser, installing a VPN is not necessary. Of course, if you want to protect your network system-wide, you have to install a VPN. But, if you just need to browse the web privately, this is the simplest way to go. This is mostly because the anonymous browser often has an embedded VPN feature in it, which allows you to browse the web privately. Some browsers allow you to turn the VPN feature on and off according to your preferences while some others have the VPN permanently turned on. So, by simply using this browser, you can stay private online and you can automatically break free from any type of online restrictions that are applied in your country.

2. It Automatically Deletes Your Browsing History

Let’s take a look at Firefox Focus, which is the kind of anonymous browser for mobile devices. When you use it, you will be able to browse anything that you like privately. But, once you close the browser, all your browsing history will be deleted automatically. When you open the browser again, you will start from scratch, as if you never use it before. This will keep your online sessions private on your device, and it is very useful especially if you share your device with others.

3. You Are Safe From Any Type Of Third-Party Monitoring

If you want to browse the internet without the need to deal with any type of third-party monitoring, you should use the anonymous browser instead of your regular browser. This is because when you use the anonymous browser for your daily internet activity, you will automatically be safe from any type of monitoring and surveillance, which is often done by the government, ISP, and corporations. You will not leave any trace in your browsing session and nobody can track your browsing habit as well. You can also be protected from any type of malicious online threats that might danger your online privacy and security.

4. It Is Recommended By Various Security Experts

Many experts have recommended internet users to use VPN or anonymous browser to protect their online activity in response to the various cyber crime incidents that happened in recent years. In fact, with more and more online threats being created to steal more data from the users, it is getting more important for the users to safeguard their online activity by using various security tools that are recommended by the experts. These tools include VPN, security software, firewall, and the anonymous browser.

5. It Has Various Security And Privacy Features Available

Unlike the regular browsers that focus on user experience and convenience, the anonymous browser focuses more on the security and privacy of the internet users. It is usually heavily equipped with various security and privacy features that are not commonly available in other browsers. For instance, a good anonymous browser will be equipped with the virtual private network, private relay servers, HTTPS connection, anti-malware, ad-blocker, and many other similar features. All of these features have been installed on the browser since you open it the first time, so you don’t need to install any additional security add-ons or extensions for it.

Those are the 5 advantages that the anonymous browser can bring to your online privacy. If you want to know the taste of internet freedom and complete online anonymity, the anonymous browser is the first thing that you need to try. Even better, you can also install a premium VPN service while using such a browser, so that you will get a maximum security and privacy protection for your device.