Provides a fast and secure VPN connection with compatibility for various devices and platforms, including routers. Offers 256-bit encryption with multiple protocols.


The browser extension is only available for Chrome. There is no support for Linux machines other than by using browser extension or VPN router.


Provides a safe private connection with unlimited bandwidth and no logging policy. More than 700 servers are available in 34 countries, and they are high speed.

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SaferVPN is a virtual private network service provided by Safer Social Ltd, an internet security company founded in 2013. The goal of the company is to help provide their worldwide users with unprecedented freedom and privacy in their online activities. The company is supporting the activists living in highly restrictive countries to demand their online privacy rights back from the government. The SaferVPN service offers anyone the way to unblock the web and bypass the government restrictions.

Fast Connection Speed And Easy-To-Use Apps

SaferVPN offers the private connection that is fast, allowing the users to do whatever they want to enjoy on the internet. They can stream any media files or download any files through the private network without having to deal with any ISP throttling procedure. The apps provided by this VPN service are available for most platforms, including routers and browser, and these apps are easy to use even for new subscribers. The fast connection speed that is provided by this service is due to the high quality servers used by the company, and the users can easily enjoy unlimited traffic and bandwidth with their private connection.

256-bit Encryption With Multiple Protocol Support

This private network service offers the highest and most advanced encryption system that you can use to protect your anonymous network all the time. The 256-bit encryption system is the highest standard of encryption that is a step forward from the old 128-bit encryption. With this encryption system, the users have the lowest chance to get their private connection hacked by any unscrupulous third parties. Moreover, it offers various security protocols that allow the users to choose which protocol that they want to use in their particular session. With the advantages and disadvantages of each protocol, the users can easily pick the one that is most suitable for them to use in each browsing session.

Automatic Wi-Fi Security And Diagnostic Fix

If you are a first time VPN user, you might not yet be aware about the security dangers of public Wi-Fi networks. When you connect to the Wi-Fi network that is available for free in various public places, such as airports or train stations, you are putting your online identity in danger. This is because hackers can easily steal your information by penetrating your public network, which is often not encrypted. With SaferVPN, you can encrypt any Wi-Fi network that you are connected to automatically. Also, if there is a problem with your private connection, there is a diagnostic fix that allows you to solve all of your connection problems immediately.

VPN Kill Switch And No Logging Policy

The Kill Switch is a feature that prevents your IP address from getting leaked in the time when your private connection is dropping out. Sometimes, when the private servers are having problems and you are unable to connect to them, you are automatically switched to the regular internet connection provided by your ISP. At this moment, your real IP address is exposed online. With the Kill Switch feature, the private connection software can prevent your IP address from being leaked by shutting down your internet connection until you can connect to the private server again. Moreover, this VPN service has a strict no logging policy, which means that it doesn’t track or monitor any activity that you do with the private network.

Worldwide Servers With The Best Performance

With SaferVPN, you can choose between hundreds of servers that are located worldwide in 34 countries. Moreover, each server is optimized so that it can perform in the best way for each client. So, you don’t need to worry about your private connection being unstable and unreliable when using this service. The occurrence of connection drops is rare, and the servers always provide the best performance and speed for the users.


SaferVPN is a private network service that provides the safe, reliable, and fast private network connection for you. It offers the best servers that are located in many countries worldwide, and you can easily switch between them without any limit. Also, it has the best protection and encryption system available to ensure that your private network is always secure from any type of hacker attacks. With the diagnostic fix tool, you can easily fix any connection problem automatically and immediately without having to spend hours upon hours to do that. It also has an IP leak prevention system with no logging policy that ensures your privacy and anonymity online.