Provides a fast VPN connection with the military grade encryption system for anonymous browsing. Offers IPv6 leak protection with zero data logging policy.


The browser extension apps are not available with this service. No free trial available to test the VPN performance or speed.


Offers a great private connection for users that want to get maximum speed with maximum encryption. Provides features like P2P support, kill switch, and 2048-bit encryption.

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PrivateVPN is a virtual private network service provided by Privat Kommunikation AB, a Sweden-based online privacy and security company. The company is dedicated to help protect the user’s online privacy while browsing the internet according to the Sweden online privacy laws that respect the user’s online privacy rights. With the military-grade encryption system, the company is determined to keep the users safely protected from various third parties that want to extract their online browsing data without their consent.

P2P Support with Port Forwarding Feature

The good thing about PrivateVPN is that unlike most other VPN services that don’t allow the users to do torrenting activity, it allows the users to use the P2P network and even provide the port forwarding feature for users that want to use their private network for torrenting. Some servers that are provided by this service are dedicated for torrenting activities, which the users can use in full speed. Meanwhile, the port forwarding feature allows the users to optimize the torrenting speed with different ports. The service offers at least one open port for the users to use the P2P network, and moreover, they can keep the torrenting traffic anonymous.

Kill Switch Feature and IPv6 Leak Protection

One of the most common problems with the private network is the possible occurrence of data leak due to the user’s IP address being revealed unsuspectingly during the online activity. This can be caused by various reasons. However, with the kill switch feature as provided by this service, the users don’t need to worry about any possible occurrence of IP address leak since the private connection can temporarily suspend the data transmissions when it experiences any performance problem in order to prevent data leak. Moreover, the IPv6 leak protection is available in case you are being disconnected from the private network suddenly.

2048-bit Encryption System with Various Security Protocols Available

PrivateVPN takes the privacy and security of the users very seriously. Aside from making sure that the users can bypass any type of internet restrictions, the service also makes sure that the users are safe from any type of monitoring and threats in their browsing activity. With the 2048-bit encryption system, the users can enjoy the military grade encryption to protect their network from government surveillance and hacker attacks. Additionally, there are a lot of security protocols available for the users, meaning that the users can use any protocol that they want to use based on the type of their online activity.

Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth with Zero Data Logging Policy

When it comes to using a good virtual private connection, the speed and bandwidth become one of the most important things to consider. The security of the connection means nothing if you can’t access any websites at full speed. It means nothing if you can’t stream your favorite content or download your important files quickly and seamlessly. Fortunately, this VPN service provides the unlimited bandwidth and speed for your connection, ensuring the best data transfer performance for your private browsing activity. Moreover, it follows the data privacy laws of Sweden that ensures there is zero data logging policy in place, meaning that the government won’t watch your browsing activity in this private network.

Multiple Platform Support with 56 Server Locations

Whatever device that you use, you can always find the VPN app that is suitable for it. PrivateVPN offers various different VPN apps that are available for each platform in your device. It also offers the complete installation guide with different security protocols for each platform. With this VPN service, you can also install the app directly on your router so that all your devices can benefit from the private connection. The 56 server locations that are available to choose can give you unlimited choices on how you can enjoy the internet and what types of content that you want to access with your private connection.


PrivateVPN offers the combination of the best speed and the best security in your private connection. With this virtual private network service, you can unblock any internet restrictions while protecting your network with the military grade 2048-bit encryption system. The government, ISP, and other third parties can’t monitor and track your browsing activity while you are using this private connection, especially with the zero data logging policy. You can use this private network on any device that you have with any security protocol that you prefer. All in all, the best speed and the best security of this VPN service can provide the best privacy protection in your browsing activity.