Allows you to protect your privacy online, unblock restrictions, and avoid any hacker attacks with the 30-day money back guarantee. Provides a fast VPN speed and instant setup.


Offers a bit more expensive pricing with a limited number of payment methods available. Offers only a limited number of supported platforms.


Provides a fast and stable private network with high quality security encryption and no logging policy. Allows you to switch servers indefinitely from 42 server locations.

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Buffered is a virtual private network service provided by Buffered Ltd., an online security service company based in Gibraltar and Hungary. The purpose of the company is to provide the users with a fast, trusted, and secure VPN connection that can help them protect their privacy and avoid any hacker attacks in their online activity. This company allows the users to use the high-speed private servers for various online activities, including watching region-restricted content, unblocking restricted and censored websites, and doing online banking or shopping.

Unblock Any Content and Access Content from Anywhere

Buffered allows the users to mask their IP address with the IP address from the private servers, making it possible for them to unblock any content that is restricted by their government and ISP. This is because by masking the IP address with the IP address from other countries, you can encrypt the internet connection and browse these restricted websites without being detected. As a result, you can access any content from anywhere, even though such content is not accessible with your regular network. This also means that you can access region-restricted content without any problem.

Protect The User’s Online Privacy and Prevent Hacker Attacks

One of the main functions of this VPN service is to ensure that you can protect your online privacy while browsing the internet. Nowadays, there are a lot of risks of online threats that can steal your private information using various methods. With this private connection, it is possible for you to stay anonymous online and prevent any type of online privacy breach from happening during your browsing sessions. Moreover, it can also help you to prevent hacker attacks because your connection is encrypted with the best encryption system available. Hackers that are trying to attack your network can’t simply do that because your connection is always secured.

Blazing Fast Server Speed from 42 Server Locations Worldwide

One of the best features that you can get from Buffered is the connection speed that allows you to do various online activities seamlessly. With the blazing fast connection speed, you can access any content without buffering and you can use the fastest internet speed that your ISP can provide without any slowdowns. Moreover, with the 42 server locations worldwide, you can choose which private server to use based on your needs. If you want to access content that is restricted to certain regions or countries, you can use the respective private servers to be able to access such region-restricted content.

Unlimited Bandwidth and Speed with Unlimited Server Switching

The good thing about this VPN service is that you get the best private connection performance without any restrictions at all. You are not restricted to the speed that you can get from the private network because you can achieve the fastest speed possible using this connection. You are also not restricted on the amount of data transfer that you can do each month, meaning that you can download or upload as much data as you need without being restricted with monthly bandwidth limit. Lastly, there is an unlimited server switching feature that allows you to switch to different servers as much as you can.

Highest Level of Encryption and Security with No Logging Policy

Buffered provides the VPN connection that is full of security features to ensure the users are being protected from various types of online attacks. Thus, it provides the users with the highest level of encryption system and security protection that can protect their network and ensure no possible security breach can happen in your connection. It protects the users against malware, viruses, spyware, hackers, and other online threats that are commonly used to breach the user’s private information. Moreover, with the no logging policy, you don’t need to worry about browsing with this private connection since your data is always safe and it will never be shared with anyone.


Buffered provides the fast and secure private connection network that allows the users to explore the internet freely without any restrictions while protecting their online privacy all the time. It is equipped with various security protection features that can prevent any online threats from attacking your network, which keeps your private information safe all the time. With the fastest speed that its private servers can provide, you can easily access and enjoy any content seamlessly without any restrictions. All in all, this is the best VPN service to use if you care about the speed, performance, and security of your private connection.