Identity Cloaker Review


  • Protects from Internet spies such as Hackers, Spammers, and different types of bad influences that one may encounter on the internet.
  • Strong 128-bit and 256-bit encryption.
  • It works with a number of Protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP.
  • Keeps no logs


  • Only 31 Servers in 16 Countries. More servers need to be added for better speed and connection.
  • Not Completely Free, but an Affordable Service


The Internet has become a necessary medium for communication, and it has equipped us with a lot of services to make our lives easy. We have easy file sharing software over the internet, communication via the internet by live chat and video conferencing has been a boon for companies all over the world. With all the advantages, the biggest concern people have is of one’s Privacy and Security on the internet. The most efficient, easy and affordable way to be secure on the internet is to use a VPN service.

And in the flood of VPN service providers, Identity Cloaker can be considered to be an old player as they celebrated their 10th Anniversary in September 2018. Identity Cloaker is an Internet Privacy Protection Service that encrypts the data you send over the internet.  They are a Security Company based in the Czech Republic. The company claims its software to be powerful and secure that they use the same encryption and cipher used by the US Army for protecting information.


As mentioned earlier, Identity Cloaker offers Privacy and Security on the Internet and protects one’s data and privacy from prying eyes of hackers, and various internet miscreants. The application helps you protect sensitive data like passwords which can be decrypted easily by hiding your IP address. By replacing your IP address with the one from their servers which will in most cases be in a different country, they assure their customer’s security is in safe hands.

Identity Cloaker uses 256-bit military class encryption to protect your private data.  One is allowed to browse web content from a different country as well. Also, the service provider helps in dodging most of the restrictions set by any government or private organization. Thus, apart from just data protection by encryption, they also offer many useful VPN features.


When it comes to security, we noticed that they provide the industry standard of 256-bit AES encryption to protect your data. As mentioned earlier, they provide military level encryption which is almost impossible to decipher for most modern system with highest configurations.

Apart from 256-bit encryption, the company also offers 128-bit AES cipher to protect your data. They also, provide a feature just to change your IP address, and you can disable the encryptions to get higher speeds. But, by doing so, you always risk your security.

Talking about protocols, Identity Cloaker provides connections with most protocols which include OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. The cherry on top is the SSH tunneling encryption, which creates a secure and encrypted data tunnel for the server.

So, regarding security, the security provider ticks almost all the required boxes and ensures one’s Internet activity is highly secure.


The only section where we felt, the service provider could have been better is at providing a large number of servers. The Company currently has 31 servers in 16 countries with 534 IPs in their network list. Most of them are the European countries in which you can access all of their services so ideally it is for somebody who wants European servers. Considering that the company is a decade old, we expected a higher number of servers. But it is worth mentioning that they are working to expand their server network. Also, being a customer-centric company, one can easily ask Identity Cloaker for servers in their region by contacting their support section. They believe in not only increasing their network of servers but also to maintain the quality of service they are offering to their current customer.


Identity Cloaker supports Microsoft’s Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 8.1. They also claim to have released a pre-release(beta) version for Mac OS. For Android and iOS, we tried getting it from the App Store and the Play Store but couldn’t find anything over there. But according to their website, one can get it via VPN for iOS and Android. When we asked the support team about the unavailability of apps on the respective App Stores, they told us that OSX (Mac OS) and Android versions are available in the Member Area and that they do not use the ‘Stores’ to distribute them. They also told us that for MacOS, Android, and iOS, the servers can be connected directly by the native VPN support, so there is no need to download any application. If one is still unable to connect, it is recommended that he or she contact their customer support. We feel that all this makes us skeptical about Identity Cloaker being ambiguous with regards to Platforms as they also haven’t mentioned anything with regards to Linux. But they have confirmed that it works with most internet browsers.

Customer Support

Identity Cloaker can be contacted for General Questions and Feedback, Customer Support, and Sales and Billing. A Dropdown Menu in the Contacts Tab has all the three sections. According to the support you need, email addresses are provided for each of the three sections, and one can also contact them from their Help Desk section.


Identity Cloaker has a strong arm when it comes to security and encryption. It also supports most protocols. We can’t even forget some additional but useful features such as access to content from a different country that they offer. We were not utterly satisfied with their server network, but they seem to be working on expanding it, so we also give it a pass and hope for the best. With some flaws in Platforms supported and No Live Chat Support, Identity Cloaker is like most other products, NOT PERFECT!! But for the price that it is offered at, it is one of the easily recommendable products.